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The best perks a fence can bring to your home can sometimes be easily overlooked – not until sagging, damaged, and weathered down fences suddenly come barging into the picture. The truth is, whatever the type of fence you own – wooden fences, chain link, wrought iron fences, vinyl – these damages can catch up to you, sooner or later (perhaps even now). So, let’s double down on what you actually need right now: a quality fence repair in St. Louis.

And it just so happened that we are exactly the “fence repair near me” that you’ve been searching for. Whether you need a quick fix on those wooden boards or an entirely new set of chain link gates, we are your go-to fence experts around every corner of St. Louis MO – from Cahokia, IL to Ferguson, MO and everywhere in between, we’ll be there anytime. After all, the Fence Repair Company St. Louis isn’t the top fence company for nothing. 

Whatever the damage might be, if you need someone to deal with the eventual breakage, preferably someone who indeed knows what they’re doing, Fence Repair Company St. Louis is the best choice for you and your home. We’re the top fence repair St. Louis— and there’s certainly nothing that can go wrong when you choose us. Want to bring your fence back to life? We’re the guys for the job! 

But let’s get back to you, dear fence owner. It may not be coincidence that you ended up here after searching for a trusted “fence company St. Louis, MO”. It doesn’t really matter who you are, whether you’re a simple St. Louis resident, a commercial business owner, or any industrial client – as fellow fence owners we’re all bound to experience these things from time to time:

– Rusty nails, wires, and other parts

– Sagging, wobbly, or displaced posts

– Termite damage for wooden fences

– Weathering and deterioration

– Every possible annoyance known to fence owners

I’m having one (or all) of these problems… what should I do?

Well, if you want to get the life back into your fences (not literally), get a good fence that can protect your property, one that provides privacy and immense value, and one that can wow the walking bystanders – then a simple phone call is the solution that you’d want for these kinds of fence problems. From our phone number of course – and we’ll prove it to ‘ya. 

Meet the #1 Fence Repair St. Louis That Can Fix Your Every Fence Problem

That should be us. Hi. We’re Fence Repair Company St. Louis. We’re licensed, insured, certified— all the papers that prove we’re legitimate, we got them. More than that, it means we’re capable of serving the homeowners and commercial owners that need our help in anything fence related. And by anything, we mean repairing every door imaginable, like wooden fences, brick wall fences, iron chain links and barbed wires, vinyl and PVC fences – you name it!  We’ve been on the local fence repair scene for years and counting, and if it there’s anyone who really understands the priority for long-lasting and quality fences, that’s us. Customer standards, safety, efficiency, quality paired with affordable fence repair costs just naturally comes with the job at Fence Repair Company St. Louis.

Don’t worry, whatever fixing you need, we simply go do it with your utmost satisfaction in mind! Also, contradictory, but here’s what we’ll never ever do to our clients:

  • Make you bring out the big bucks. We’ll describe ourselves as bang for buck, instead.
  • Talk your ear off. There’s nothing to compensate for. We’re not in the habit of under-performing.
  • Leave you out of the project. Our clients are always well-informed and part of the process.
  • Rush you to make a decision. That’s just plain rude!
  • Be unreachable. We have very efficient customer service.
  • Use second-rate materials. (We’re not some cheapos! It is your money, after all.)
  • Guilt-trip you about being particular. We’re the same, and we don’t shy away from constructive criticism.


All in all, we get it. Fence repair St. Louis— a superb one— is no easy feat. But for us, it’s no biggie. It’s just a job we like to do, and have been doing for years already, with shining testimonials. And if that’s not a guarantee for a job well done on every fence repair we’ve done and a one-up from the other St. Louis fence companies, it can be a promise to our future clients instead.

fence restoration in saint louis
post replacement fence repair

What Fence Repair Services in St. Louis Do you Do?

Well, we have a broad scope of what we offer in our fence repair services. We’ll say… probably anything under the sun— as long as we can do it, we will. From maintenance, touch-ups, quick fixes, fence re-staining, repainting, power washing, fence restoration, consultations – we’re free and available. As for the types of fences that we repair, the answer is: any material. From wrought iron fencing to the classic white pickets installed in residential, commercial, or even industrial properties. One of the benefits of having years of experience in the field, if one should ask. Although, we have to say that the most common calls we get from our St. Louis clients are for wooden fencing, vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, and chain link fencing.

Wooden Fence Repair St. Louis

Wooden fencing is what we all usually see in residential neighborhoods— it’s cheap, and it’s a classic, but it can be quite problematic as well. Rotting wood is most definitely an issue. Termite infestations too, but they’re rare as they can be. This can compromise the structure, so we usually do wood fence post repair, picket replacement, cleaning or fence staining. Or a new fence replacement altogether.

Vinyl and Aluminum Fence Repair

Vinyl fences and aluminum fences are both definitely robust and low maintenance, but collisions or unforeseen accidents like a pole crashing, collisions, or heavy storms can take a toll out of these, but fortunately we can fix sections of the fence without disturbing the other parts with vinyl panel replacements, post repair, and cleaning.

Chain Link and Wrought Iron Fence Repair

Meanwhile, chain link fences are durable, but the metal can accumulate rust over time. We replace rusted or broken sections with new chain link mesh, and we also offer chain link posts and post-repairs too.


What Makes Fence Repair Company St. Louis the #1 Choice?

We’re Quick and Efficient

As soon as you make the phone call and book an appointment, rest assured that our St. Louis fence repair team will be at your doorstep on the dot. Who doesn’t want a brand-new-looking fence as quickly as possible? Our tools and equipment are always readily available 24/7 to get the job done ASAP.


Nothing beats a fence company that has been serving clients big or small for years on end – that’s exactly what you would expect working with Fence Repair Company St. Louis. It gives you the peace of mind that you’ll surely get the best fence repair experience that St. Louis can provide.

Topnotch Quality

From our highly trained team and commercial-grade equipment, our St. Louis fence repair services adhere to our strict quality standards. It just shows in the results of our craft! The products that we use are nothing short of cheap and we ensure that whatever our team touches guarantee you the best satisfaction and a longer-lasting fence.

What areas are you serving?

For now, we’re based in St. Louis, so we’ll consider any fence repair near Missouri, like Richmond Heights, Clayton, Maplewood, Jennings, University City, Lemay, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Webster Groves, Affton, Ferguson, Overland, and Mehlville. In IL, we’ll take Fence repair East Saint Louis, Cahokia, and Granite City clients as well.

I’m interested. How can I reach out?

It’s quite easy. Contact us or shoot us an email whenever it’s convenient for you. We usually reply fast, and we’re quick to pencil you in on a schedule whenever. We’ll even give you a free quote! With us, there’s no stress and no pressure. Our St. Louis fence contractors are efficient, professional, and expertly trained. Best of all, they can give you the fence of your dreams. Longevity, guaranteed! Book with Fence Repair Company St. Louis now!

Fence Repair of St. Louis

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