About Fence Repair Company St. Louis

Fence Repair Company St. Louis is the leading fence repair company in St. Louis, Missouri.

We are a licensed and certified fence repair company, based in MO. We are a team of expertly trained professionals that can handle all your fence problems. Whether it’s about fence repairs, fence staining, or fence restorations of all kinds— we’re the company for the job. We offer a wide range of services for fence-related projects, and for a competitive price too! 

We take customer service seriously, and we aim for customer satisfaction in our work. We would love to hear from you. Contact us for a free quote, and avail of our services now!

Fence damage is only normal after a certain period of time. Some incidents can also take place to regard your fence in a state of disrepair, such as violent weather and collisions. Some situations might patch up with just repair, but in some extreme cases, it’s best to replace the fences. All in all, it’s in the best interests of the property owners to weigh the pros and cons.

Wood Fence Repair

As compared to other fence materials, wood fences are a lot more prone to wear and tear— and they usually don’t stand the test of time in comparison to steel or vinyl. They need regular maintenance, and you might be calling for repairs a little too often with wooden fences. But they’re classic and quite durable with the right location. But there’s no need to worry— Fence Repair Company St. Louis can recondition your wood in a jiffy with repairs or cleaning.

Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl can indeed cost you a little more at first with its synthetic material, but they require little to no maintenance at all. It won’t crack or rot like wooden fences, although they certainly look like one in high-quality vinyl. They come in different colors and styles, and they don’t get damaged as a result of time. Repairs are usually because of accidents and rest assured, we can patch up those vinyl panels or replacements

Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain link fences are durable because of the use of metals, but they’re quite the rust-attractors. If it’s 10-15% rusted, we suggest repair or replacement immediately. We fix any broken or rusted parts, as well as chain link metal posts and gate repair. 

Fence Staining 

Fence staining is a good idea if you want to revive your fence. Not only does it enhance curb appeal, but it also actually protects your wood from even further damage. Our professionals only utilize the approved methods of staining that are best for different types of wood. We also have a variety of colors and types to choose from, and we’re guaranteed to clean every crevice before we get down to staining your fence.

Fence Restoration

Want to restore your wooden fence? Then a fence restoration from us is the perfect solution! All in all, there’s a lot of steps included in the whole fence restoration— but all you need to do is sit back, relax— and leave the work to us! Pressure washing, reconditioning, and staining, Fence Repair Company St. Louis will give you the fence experience of a lifetime!

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